Protect your earphones with these exquisite cases


SA Leather Earphone Case


This hand-stitched protective case has oodles of character. Made in India out of 100% genuine leather, it is highly durable and cushions earphones against impact. The SA leather pouch is complimentary with all Elements earphone purchases. You can also opt for the brass case, albeit at a premium.


SA Brass Earphone Case


The SA earphone case has been hand-lathed from a single brass block. Adorned with a distinct antique finish, it is modeled to look like a vintage compass. It even resembles a bullet shell from certain angles. The case features a soft inner padding and protects earphones against scratches, thuds and other types of damage. It can also be used to store jewelry and other delicate items. Designed and crafted entirely in India, this ornate brass case is expected to last for several generations.

“It’s not a case, it’s a piece of World War II armory!” – Snapdeal review


Both models have a diameter of approximately 7 cm