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Hi, I am Gautam, the founder of the Signature Acoustics brand. My hobbies are music, squash and travelling. Feel free to look around the website and leave suggestions in the comments section. Cheers! :)

August 2019

SA Ocean Fe-01: Wired/Bluetooth Earphone with Deep Bass

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SA OCEAN: FIRST HYBRID MODULAR WIRED/BLUETOOTH EARPHONE IN INDIA The Signature Acoustics OCEAN (codenamed: Fe-01) is a truly one-of-a-kind modular earphone that can be used in both wired and Bluetooth configuration. Moreover, each side has not one or two but 3 drivers (two coaxial dynamic + 1 balanced armature) to deliver engaging, entertaining sound. The name OCEAN is inspired by [...]

SA Raven: Only Hybrid Modular Wired/Bluetooth Earphone in India

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The Signature Acoustics Raven (codenamed: Fe-01) is a truly one-of-a-kind modular earphone that can be used in both wired and Bluetooth configuration. Moreover, each side has not one or two but 3 drivers (two dynamic + 1 balanced armature) to deliver a highly analytical and balanced sound signature. In all, 6 drivers work in perfect synergy to [...]

June 2019

Signature Acoustics Elements C12 Version 2.1 High Fidelity Wooden Earphones With Mic For Android/iOS – With Enhanced Bass

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The SA Elements C12 series is a massive success thanks to recognition from audio enthusiasts from all over the globe. In response to the overwhelming support, we've launched the third iteration of this wooden earphone and it's called the C-12 Version 2.1. Just like the previous version, the 2.1 comes with highly durable cables and a state-of-the-art microphone [...]

December 2018


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Signature Acoustics SPARROW is a Bluetooth V4.1 audio receiver with a built-in ambient microphone. It can receive wireless audio signals from mobiles, tablets, TV and other Bluetooth devices to non-Bluetooth speakers, earphones, headphones etc. Qualcomm CSR 8635 Chipset produces high quality, distortion free audio. Sparrow is equipped with a multitude of user-friendly features to ensure [...]

November 2018

PHOENIX: Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Transmitter & Receiver with apt-X HD, Low Latency & Toslink

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PHOENIX HAS BEEN APPROVED BY QUALCOMM APTX AND FEATURES ON THEIR GLOBAL WEBSITE.  Phoenix is a Bluetooth 5.0 audio transmitter & receiver with aptX HD and Low Latency. It supports AUX , Optical (Toslink) & RCA connections and is powered by the latest Qualcomm CSR 8675 Chipset. Phoenix is the first wireless audio adapter of its [...]

October 2017

Signature Acoustics Memory Foam Tips

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Secure, Stay-in-Ear Fit for Extended Wear Super Noise Isolation Creates a Perfect Seal for Enhanced Sound Quality Breathable Memory Foam, Not Stufty Even for Long Time Wearing. Sound Isolation Ear Tips SignatureAcoustic's "low-resilience polyurethane" ear tips has a high degree of hermeticity, you can listen clearly from the bass to the treble in a well-balanced [...]

September 2017

Signature Acoustics Elements C12 Version 2.0 Deep Bass In-Ear Wooden Earphones With Mic for Android/iOS Devices (Brown)

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The Elements C-12 was one of the best earphones in the country in its class. The new C-12 Version 2.0 is even better. It deliver astounding performance with unbelievable levels of noise cancellation. Also comes with a chic microphone so that you can stay connected on the move. SALIENT FEATURES These wooden IEMs are inspired [...]

August 2017

Signature Acoustics ROBIN | Bluetooth V4.1 & above, Wireless Transmitter and Receiver (Supports aptX, aptX-LL, BT 5.0) 2-in-1 Adapter for TV/Speakers/Mobiles Qualcomm CSR8670

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Robin is a Bluetooth transmitter, receiver and all in one function adapter. When used as a transmitter, it can transfer music from your mobile, Walkman, TV and computer to your Bluetooth receiver, Stereo Bluetooth headphone, Bluetooth speakers etc through wireless technology. When used as a Bluetooth receiver, it can be connected to a stereo Bluetooth [...]

February 2015

Elements Be-09 metallic earphones with mic, ideal for smartphone users

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Inspired by radio properties of the only stable isotope of Beryllium, Elements Be-09 (pronounced 'benign') is a smart earphone for smart people. SALIENT FEATURES Highly versatile headset that is compatible with a wide range of smartphones (Android, Nokia/Microsoft and Apple) This model is available in 2 two configurations, one for Apple and Nokia-Android each. Please select [...]

February 2014


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These classy cases are the perfect haven for headphones. The tops and bottoms are soft while the sides are hard. This clever design provides ample protection against falls, scratches, bumps, dust, dirt and other hazards. On the inside, there is a washable foam cushion that absorbs impact and softens blows. The foam features D-oval [...]